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Germany sat, worried, in the World Conference Room in Berlin, waiting for the other countries. So far, only Italy, France, Japan, and Turkey had arrived. 'What's keeping everyone?' Germany knew that the winter had been harsh in northern Europe lately yet still he impatiently glanced down at his watch and ran a hand through his hair as he saw that it was already ten minutes after the time he had specified to be the start of the meeting. He would've expected that at least his neighboring countries would've shown up despite the weather. Letting out an exasperated sigh, he stood up.
"I guess the meeting can start now..."
At that moment the door opened and in walked Russia, taking off his ushanka. "Sorry I'm so late. Normally I don't have problems with travelling through the snow, but it was a blizzard from Moscow to Berlin!" He scanned all the empty seats and commented quietly, "Guess I'm not the only one."
Only when Russia sat down did Germany officially start the meeting. "I know you are all aware that the weather isn't the only thing plagueing the Nations. It's also the economy. Several countries have already filed for backruptcy. I had wanted to discuss the problem with everyone here... Otherwise there's really no poi--"
"So you're saying we drove through that shit-storm for no reason," Turkey interjected angrily.
"I didn't realize that no one would show up! Now please let me finish. I wanted everyone to be here, but since they're not I've decided that maybe we should bring the meeting to them."
Immediately Turkey started glaring at him, muttering, 'Burstintoflamesburstintoflames!'
"Are you suggesting that we are going to drive through that blizzard to EVERY. COUNTRY. IN THE WORLD," asked France incredulously.
"Yes. Right now it's our only option." Out of the corner of his eye, Germany saw Italy timidly raise his hand. "Yes, Italien."
Shaking softly in response to the tension in the room, Italy quietly asked, "Why don't we use the internet to have a video conference?"
"Yeah, why don't we?" Turkey was still throwing imaginary daggers at Germany with his eyes.
Germany sighed. 'Why did I have to invite HIM?' "The reason is simple. The blizzard has knocked out just about all internet and phone signals here. I'm surprised the power hasn't shut down." As if he had said the magic words, the lights flickered out, turing the whole room pitch black.
For a moment there was silence. Then Turkey began to shout angrily in his antive tongue. No body knew what he was saying, and nobody wanted to find out. When he finally quieted down, there was the sound of a match against sandpaper and there was light again. It wasn't much, but after Germany finishing lighting the candles in the room, they could at least see one another. No one really wanted to see Turkey though; he looked like he was ready to kill someone, mostly Germany. Japan walked over to try and calm him, as did Russia, but that received an immediate negative effect.
"DEFOL!" Turkey stood facing Russia who held his hands up in defense.
The larger nation walked away and said, "I only wanted to help."
Turkey took off his mask and pinched the bridge of his nose. Then he rested his head on the table, trying desperately to keep calm, while Japan placed his hands one the nations shoulders softly.
The room was plunged into silence once more, no one wanting to disturb Turkey and his growing temper. Japan wanted to say something, but he knew with his close proximity to the unstable country it wasn't a good idea. He spoke anyways, but in a quiet, soothing tone.
"I agree with Doitsu-san." He nearly had a heart-attack when he felt Turkey tense up and growl beneath him, but when the nation refused to do more than that, he continued. "We should visit the nations to at least see that they're okay, starting with the ones in the worst shape, like... Switzerland."
Turkey sat up shouting, "WHAT THE HELL?! That creep should be flourishing right now! He has damn bank of his, and I bet right now he's making a killer off of this blizzard! None of you ever heard of ski resorts?!"
"How would you know about ski resorts, Turkey? You're country's almost like a desert!"
As Turkey and France butted heads, Germany's own temper was starting to get the best of him and he spoke, voice raised, "Now that is a good deduction, Turkey, but Japan is right. Switzerland has also filed backruptcy. No ones heard from him in months. He hasn't shot at Italy and Austria hasn't seen him either. He hasn't even seen Liechtenstien!"
Turkey and France stopped their bickering to pay attention.
"Now we will do as Japan says and go visit the countries, starting with Switzerland. You have three options: Go with me to Bern; stay here in Berlin; or brave the storm to go home." Everyone immediately voted to go along with Germany, even Turkey.
Germany picked up a candle and led the small congregation down the dark corridoors of the meeting hall to the garage, and Germany turned all the light switches off as they went, in case the power came back on while they were gone. Upon entering the garage, Germany went in search of some flashlights. He managed to find one and blew out the candle. With the bright LED light illuminating the garage, everyone could see all of Germany's latest projects, ranging from building an elaborate bird house to restoring a World War II Messerschmitt Bf 109.
"Well, Germany, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands," said Turkey grumpily.
"With this blizzard, there's not much I CAN do. Now which vehicle are we taking?" Scanning the cars of the nations present, he quickly ruled out Italy's small sports car as a possibility, along with France's. There was no way Japan's little smart car would even fit Russia inside, let alone everyone else. That only left Germany, Turkey, and... "Russia, where's your truck?"
"Oh, it's outside. There wasn't enough room for me to park it in here."
"What are you driving?! There's plently of room in here!" France shook his head in disbelief when Turkey whispered in his ear, "Everything's bigger in Russia." The pair then proceeded to bust out laughing.
Germany overheard the small conversation and silently cursed himself for being stuck with such immature countries. 'While that MAY be true, that doesn't mean his cars are safe. We're taking my van." This earned him a small 'aawwwww' from Russia, but he didn't care.
The group climbed into the vehicle and Germany opened the garage door remotely. A flurry of snow blew in, but at least they weren't blocked in. As they drove out of the garage, they saw Russia's truck. It was about four times as big as Germany's van. 'Now we know why it wouldn't fit.'
Driving down the cleared roads, Germany's was lucky that he hadn't needed to contact road workers about using the snowplows. The drive to Basil was a long one nonetheless as the constant downpour of snow only allowed about five feet of visibility, despite the foglights and the windshield wipers in full gear. Once at the border, they found the entrance checkpoint empty. There were no cars, no guards, and it seems as if they had driven into the city of Basel itself, it would be devoid of life as well. Still, they pressed on. At least until a tall mound of snow blocked the road.
Russia stepped out of the car, knowing that he was best suited for the snow, and went to check and see how big the snow pile really was. He found that underneath the snow were cars, and from the looks of it, these cars had been abandoned before the blizzard.
When Russia got back into the van he said, "There's no way we're getting around that. There are cars, not just snow."
Everyone was in shock of what Russia said. "Were there any people in them?" Germany asked, startled.
"No, they were all empty, it almost seems that they were placed there for a reason."
"That's a little scary," Italy said, trembling, "Why would Switzerland do something like that?"
"I don't know, but I thought I saw a small diner or gas station about a mile back, maybe we could check it out," Turkey suggested.
Without hesitation or even acknowledging the nation, Germany turned the van around to find said diner. He drove slowly, scanning the side of the road for any buildings and when he found the diner, he parked in front and the group raced into the building. A lone, curious lamp provided the only light. As the group stepped into the dim room, it was evident that there was something bizzar going on; chairs were knocked over; various papers were strewn across the room; messy plates of rotten food sat on each table. When France opened the door to the kitchen, he almost retched; the whole area reaked with the stench of grease, mold, and raw meat. He shut the door immediately and went to join the others who were investigating a door. A sign hung upon a nail which read, "Büro und Verwaltung-Personal Nur." Germany tried the knob and the door creaked open, revealing not an office, but a long, ominous stairway down into a dark abyss. When no one volunteered to take first step, Germany clicked his flashlight on and went in, Italy clinging to his arm.
France was the last of the group to step on the stairs and he noticed something the others hadn't; a light switch. He flipped it on, but it was a big mistake. Suddenly, a steel shutter slide down and blocked the door. France tried flipping the switch back and forth again to see if the door might open, but it wouldn't. Instead, the floor gave away beneath them, the stairs turning into a flat, slippery surface. Everyone, now screaming at the top of their lungs, plunged down into the darkness. They all landed in heap at the bottom of what used to be the stairs, which now proceeded to rise back up, dashing all hopes of at least getting back to the door. Germany searched for his flashlight which had switched off in the tumble. He eventually found it and with the light on, they could see they were at a dead end. There was even a ceiling and it looked to be an elevator of sorts.
"What the hell?" Germany cursed under his breath, then another shutter fell behind them, enclosing them in the cramped room. With a jolt, it began to move forward. One by one the nations untagled themselves from each other and went to go sit in different corners of the small space. Italy as usual stayed by Germany's side. Looks of uncertainty and fear were evident on everyone's faces and two thoughts that they all were thinking was, 'Should we have come here at all?' and 'What is Switzerland up to?' Without any windows, they had no idea where they were going or if they were ever going to stop. After a few moments, Japan brought out his phone. There wasn't any kind of signal; he couldn't get on the Internet or call somebody for help. He asked the others to check their phones as well, but theirs were no different, but they now knew that all the times on their phones were all different, even the countries that were in the same timezone. Even Germany's wristwatch had a different time on it than his phone. He chose to trust his wristwatch rather than the unreliable technology in his hand. It was nearing five o'clock am, which made the most sense since they had left Berlin around seven the previous night.
It took about three hours before they finally stopped moving and all of the walls rose up. From which they came was deep dark chasm and there was no hope of going back. In the other directions was a large room lit with floodlights. As they stepped inside, their footsteps echoed of the stone walls and the marble floors. While the floor and walls definitely looked to be handmade, there were still stelagtites and stalagmites which stood out, and some connected to form pillars. The natural formation of quartz and other gems in the pillars and walls made the large room shimmer. The diamond studded ceiling stood fifty feet above them. There were at least ten doorways on the borders of the room, but there were only two open: the one they had come through, and another to their far left. All of the other doors were blocked by thick solid stone. Each door had names carved above them in the stone. The one they had entered from read "Basel." The others read "Weisshorn," "Dom," "Dent Blanche," "Grand Combin," "Finsteraarhorn," "Geneva," "Bern," and "Zurich." The other door which was open was labeled as "Monte Rosa." There were other doors, but they were blocked by metal shutters and weren't named. In the center of the room carved in the floor read "Matternhorn."
"D-does this m-mean that we are i-inside the Matterhorn?!" Turkey asked incredulously.
"How is this even possible?!" shouted France in a slight panic.
"It's quite possible to hollow out a mountain if you know how." All eye focused on Japan. He seemed to grow nervous towards the attention but continued. "After a certain incident which took place in World War II - I'm not about to mention it, you know what I speak of - I started taking small rural mountains that none of my citizen live around and hollowing them out to make bomb shelters. The inside is reinforced with several feet of steel and after evacuating wildlife, I tested the shelters with several different sized bombs. They were able to survive all with minimal damage, and they succeeded in protecting my people when North Korea bombed my home."
"I was wondering how you pulled that off," Germany stated.
"And a few decades ago, Switzerland asked about how to make them. I told him, figuring he was just being his normal, cautious self. I had no idea he'd make something this big." Germany was still a little suspicious as he had noticed Japan groiwng more nervous as he continued explaining how these deep man-made caverns were possible, but chose not to let it bother him too much and kept it in the back of his mind.
"Well, this is interesting and all, but I'd like to find Switzerland now, and I'm starting with the Monte Rosa door." Turkey grumbled and went to the tall doorway.
"It's kind of the only way we can go, tupitsa." Russia stated with a Chesire grin.
"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME, OROSPU?!" Turkey shouted, getting in the larger nation's face.
"I should ask you the same."
"I would like to see you try, camels ass."
Germany slapped a hand to his forehead before shouting,"KNOCK IT OFF NOW! We will go through the door, and I want no more fighting!" The two rival nations continued to glare at each other, but finally stopped and joined the others at the Monte Rosa entrance.
France took the first step into the doorway and suddenly, lights flooded on and revealed a long hallway with thick glass floors, walls, and ceiling.
"Anyone else reminded of the Biohazard movies?" Japan asked quietly. His suspicions were further confirmed when hundred of red lasers criss-crossed the lenght of the hallway, blocking their path. A hologram appeared before them and it resembled Liechtenstein. In a quiet, sweet voice, she asked, "What is the password?"
The group of nations looked at one-another questioningly, wondering who might have a possible idea on what the password could be. Finally, Italy stepped up and said, "Big Brother Switzerland is the best?" After a moment, Liechtenstein remained and led the nations to believe that the answer Italy had given was wrong, until Liechtenstein said sweetly, "So true, you may pass. Welcome, Big Brother!"
The lasers disappeared along with the hologram.
"Switzerland really needs work on his security. That seemed too easy." France walked into the hallway, snickering at Switzerland's screw-up.
However, Germany held everyone back as the bright white lights began to fade and turn dark blue. Liechtenstein popped up once again in front of France and stopped him in his tracks. "Upon further observation, you are not Big Brother, nor are you one of his friends. Prepare to die."
"FRANCE, RUN!" shouted Japan as Liechtenstein disappeared, her figure replaced with the red lasers. France turned, sprinting back to the doorway, the lasers swiftly tailing him. Before he made it, a web of lasers blocked his path. Italy and Japan covered their eyes, expecting the worst to happen to their friend while the other watched in horror expecting the same, but France noticed a small gap and chose to dive through. He landed on the floor relatively unscathed, aside from the tip of his left shoe, which had been sliced off by one of the lasers. A small tuft of blond hair fell to hallway floor.
France welcomed a hug from Italy as he fought to bring his heartbeat down as he could hear it echoing in his ears. He had never been so close to death before that, aside from his near-bankrupting Suex Canal.
"I'm thinking that we don't have to go there," Germany said as the lasers disappeared and the lights went out completely.
"Agreed," was the unanimous response of the whole group.
"Well, now what do we do?" asked the still rattled France. Just he said it, a handful of the metal shutters opened up. The group walked to the nearest one and inside was a torch-lit hallway. It definitely seemed a lot less harmful than the other hallway, but it was still uninvitingly dark. Russia was pushed to the front. He had been slightly unnerved by what had happened to France and didn't like the idea of being used as a shield, but led the way without complaining. They passed many doors, but all seemed unimportant, aside from one door which had a plaque that read, "Kerker."
Germany could read the sign easily and was unnerved by its meaning. "What would Switzerland need with a dungeon?"
"Dungeon?! Germany, we should go back!" Italy tugged on his friend's arm, but to no avail as Germany proceeded to open the door and walk inside.
Several flourescent lights iluminated their way down a short hallway. Some flickered eerily. At the end of the hallway, they found another, which was lined with jail cells. Each had a flag or even multiple flags hanging above them. Some flags were shredded while other were still in mint condition. Of the many shredded flags, the most noticable were the Spainish, Italian, Australian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian. The Italian and Spainish hung over the same cell, which a curious Italy peered into. What he saw shocked him and he screamed in agony. France ran ro him and wrapped his arms around the now sobbing nation. He gasped and clasped a hand over his mouth, not expecting to have seen the bloody, lifeless bodies of his friends. After seeing the condition of the flags of Russia's sisters, he feared how the larger nation would react.
Russia stood in front of the cell, a look of pure menace and rage clouded his facial features glaring at the sight of his dead siblings. The others quivered as they felt a deathly chill come from the cold nation.
Germany ripped his gaze from the tortured group and examined the flags that were still intact. Of those were the flags of the Nordic nations, all hanging above the same cell, and the Hungarian and Austrian flags also above their own cell. However, the Nordic nations were a mix of ripped and whole flags. The Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic flags were in tatters. Peering inside, he saw Finland alone, crying, among the dead bodies of his friends, a quivering white puppy sitting in his lap. Denmark's body could not be seen.
He moved onto the next cell, finding Hungary, her arms wrapped around the shaking form of Austria. She looked up at him slowly, a sorrowful look on her face, but this action caused Austria to look up as well. When he saw Germany, his eyes widened in horror and he screamed, "Der blonde Teufel ist gekommen, um mich wieder zu töten!" Austria proceeded to hide his face in Hungary's hair while clutching to her tightly.
Hungary whispered quietly into his ear until the nation finally calmed down. Then she looked back at Germany and said, "You all need to get out of here now!"
"Wait, what did he mean by 'the blond devil has come to kill him again?'" Before Hungary could answer, a piercing scream echoed through the dungeon along with the loud buzzing sound of a chainsaw.
This is a revised version of my first couple of chapters of Swiss Labyrinth.
I've added a lot of stuff in here, including Turkey being more of an ass, and a blizzard. And Berlin is about 7 hours from Basel, I looked it up. But I added a few hours because of the blizzard (in reference to Germany checking his watch)
For those who don't know, Biohazard is what Resident Evil is known as in Japan. If you also don't know what that scene is alluring to, look up 'resident evil laser scene' on Youtube.
Also, I added some references such a scene from That's 70s Show and Full Metal Alchemist. The "burst into flames" thing is Lori getting pissed at Eric for almost revealing one of her secrets and who can't notice "Backwater Desert idiot" that's obviously Edward getting pissed in the first episode of FMA ^_^

Tupitsa in Russian means 'dumbass'
Orospu in Turkish means 'bitch'
If you find any other non-English words in here, please let me know, and I'll edit this description and put it in here ^_^

Here's part 2:…
Part 3:…
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